Innovation and Technology Support Offices (ITSO)


The IP Search Division (IPSDD) of IPOPHL is offering an online IP training course as part of the continuing capacity building program on patent search  for ITSOs, academe, DOST and attached agencies, public R&D institutions, and other government agencies. The first of two (2) series is scheduled on April until June 2017.

The Online Certificate Course on Patent Information Search (PS101) is aimed at introducing the participants to a whole new and exciting world of searching and accessing patent information via the world wide web. Practical assessment exercises are included after each module to provide the participants with real-world applications on the subject matter. After the completion of this course, it is expected that the participants will be able to conduct basic patent information search.   


The course consists of the following modules:

Module 1:      Wealth of Information in Patent Documents

Module 2:      (51) Int. Cl.: Patent Classification

Module 3:      Patent Search: Types and Practical Applications

Module 4:      Accessing Patent Information

Module 5:      Conducting Patent Search: A Technical Approach

Module 6:      The Patent Search Report

                     Final Exam

                     Distribution of certificates

Mentoring/training support is provided throughout the duration of the program by IPOPHL tutors who are expert practitioners in the field of patent search.


The final exam must be completed and submitted on or before the specified time frame. The grading system is based on WIPO's pass/fail grading scheme. In order to pass the course and receive the certificate, the participants need to score at least 60%.

The final grade is computed based on 20% of all the practical exercises and 80% of the final exam. It can be viewed on the "Gradebook" option at the left side of the e-Learning platform.

Important: Failure to complete the course may be a ground for refusal of acceptance to future courses offered by the IP Training Group (IPTG)


The course is available free of charge for technical personnel from ITSOs, academe, DOST and attached agencies, public R&D institutions, and other government agencies.

Note: The participants should be willing to send the IPTG a post-training report on the actual application of patent search  in their respective offices after the training is completed. The participants will be provided with the format of the post-training report. For example, patent search may be applied on the pre-assessment of inventions intended for patent application, evaluation of new technologies, finding new technologies, etc. You may also conduct trainings (seminar-workshops) on patent search for your co-workers.

Registration is open until March 29, 2017. Click here to register.